Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Win a Jackpot Every Week with Traffic Exchanges

Win a Jackpot Every Week!!!


It's simple really... they keep track of your activity and reward you for your actions... "You can win Cash, Credits, Imps for being active".. So you earn activity points for certain actions you take. The members with the most points at the end of each week split the weekly Jackpot!
Here's the list of Traffic Exchanges I am engaged in participating their Weekly Jackpot check each banner and you may simply join and its free:

Point Values
Description: Point Type Point Value
Each time you click a text ad or banner ad on our site, you will earn points! It only works once for each unique ad! Clicking Ads 25
Each time you convert cash to something else, You'll earn points for each cent you convert! Converting Cash 2
Each day you log in, you earn points! Logging In 150
Each day you tweet, you earn points! Sign in with Twitter on your profile page first! Tweeting 100
Visit our Downline Builder page, and fill in and save your TE Ref ID's after joining in the fields! You'll earn points the first time you update each one! Downline Builder 200
Each time you email your downline, you earn points! Emailing Your Downline 100
Each time someone visits the referral or splash pages you will earn points just by promoting the page! Promoting 2
If you read emails that we send to you and follow the link, You'll get this additional bonus! Reading Your Email! 100
Referral points are earned after you refer someone to this site via the referral or splash pages, they sign up, andcomplete activation of their account. Referrals 10000
Each time you purchase credits or services from us, you'll earn points for each cent you spend! Purchasing 2
Each time you surf, you earn points! Surfing 2.5
If you log in every day during the week, you will get this additional bonus! Login Weekly Bonus! 10000
If you tweet every day during the week, you will get this additional bonus! Tweeting Weekly Bonus! 5000
Each time you transfer credits to your downline, you will earn points for each credit you give! Giving Credits 2.5

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