Sunday, June 27, 2010

Make Money on Twitter with MyLikes

MyLikes is created by two ex-Google employees as an advertising alternative to Google’s AdSense  , but i don’t think this can be alternative of adsense .
Mylikes allow you to link your twitter , facebook and youtube account that means you can make money from all these social medias
Mylikes provide cpc ads , that means earnings depend on amount of click you are getting on “sponsored link”  .
Per tweet ads are also there but this is not great this time on mylikes , so it will be ok if you  not consider this feature  .
Payout is very low just 2$ like ptc sites  but  payments are  automatic, means any thing above 2$ will be credited to your PayPal account on Fridays.
Most advertisers want clicks from US , that means you will get paid only for clicks from US followers .
One time  Upto 10$  refferal bonus  with some conditions