Friday, August 20, 2010

IncraseBux Payment Proof and their awesome No Recycling Ever Rented Referrals!

"Make Sure to read the whole up to the end of My Successful Story" =)

      After I upgraded to premium membership in Incrasebux which cost me $90.00, I have finally reached the maximum of their cashout in less than a month, and cashout it, its instant payments. This is my biggest earnings from PTC or paid to click sites which I don't usually take it seriously. Honestly, it's not even on my plan to upgrade to any of those PTC sites because many sites had been closed or turning into scam.
I am a member of Incrase Bux since October 16, 2009. At first I thought I can not earn much from this site because of the low cost of click. But after reading on their forums I was amazed that almost all of upgraded and investors there are earning big income, and its true that you will earn big without direct referrals. You know why? Incrase Bux Big secret weapon is their Rented Referrals. Yep they have an amazing click averages. So that time Im curious and wanna try to rent coz in fact I got disappointed on my other PTC site on their rented referrals which I really didnt earned from it.
During that day I have just tried to rent only one referral (lol~). Anyway, I have not bought it from my own money, I just used the earnings from my rental balance made by my direct referral. After a few days, the referral I rented was clicking almost everyday with an average of not lower than 3.0. But that doesnt convinced me yet to upgrade. So 3 months later I have rented 10 more referrals just to make sure how active their referrals would be. And guess what? Yes theyre soooo active which Im beginning to think and starting to read everything on their forums including the rules which is the most important. Because Im not earning that big because I am just a verified member there. Yes I upgraded to verified membership to get instant payments, it cost me $3.5 for a year, rather than being free which has a waiting payment of 30 days, which other members dont like that rules. But for me, its ok. For that rule it makes the site sustainable and reliable compare to any PTC sites. Don't be a free member forever, if you really want to make big money with this site then you need to upgrade to at least premium. and that was I did I have risked my 90$ and put little money for the rented referrals.
I observed and calculated each and every single day the profit I made, and yes it becomes bigger and bigger :). From my 50 cents daily now Im earning 5$ per day thats in less than a month, I upgraded July 22, 2010 and Today is August 20, 2010, and cashed out $72.00! NO lost Pure Profit!
Still dont believe? Heres the result of my statistics:
Incrase Bux StatsVery Good Stats isnt it? Why not try for yourself ? I suggest to read their TOS and Forums to get more details and how to make profitable from IncraseBux.
Still not a member of IncraseBux? Join Now for free and start earning like me :) See you there! Make sure your referrer is darkentity, and thats me =) Thanks!
Feel free to ask me here in my chat blog, I am not promising you any tips and tricks or giving away Direct referrals, All you need to do is Join, follow and make your own strategy. But I love to give bonuses to my loyal direct referrals, my offer is once you reached at least 500 clicks get a one time bonus of 3$ from me!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Payment Received From Global Gold Exchange

Hello folks, Today Im gonna share My payment received from Global Gold Exchange Affiliate Program. I earned it less than a month since I started joining at GGE.

So What is Global Gold Exchange? Let me give you a short description about the site. Global Gold Exchange is an Affiliate Program where you can earn commissions, period. (Lol i told ya very short:P) This site is free to join, free or upgraded, both were earning here. But you can earn more if you're an upgraded member. Upgrade costs is $10/month (subscription) only to Paypal verified members.

There are 3 ways to earn with this Program:
1. Earn from your invited direct referrals and your referrals downline who upgrade their membership. Your commission from your direct or level 1 referrals is $1.00, Earn $0.12 from lvl 2 up to the 6th level upgrades. ( You must upgrade to earn commissions from affiliates)

2. You can also earn viewing other members advert. Each advert view is equals to $0.01. Just check often their Advert Clicks Menu.

3. Lastly, earn just by promoting your own referral links there. Promote it to their Traffic Agents List to earn better income or promote with your own way of advertising. Join at their Traffic Agents if you're not a member yet, then surf and put your GGE's referral links, must also assign credits once you have credits on each Traffic Exchange sites.

You will be paid for promoting GGE: premium member will be paid $0.01 for each visitor (unlimited), free member will be paid $0.0025 (limited to 30 visitors per day). If the visitor decides to be a premium member, premium member will be paid $1.00 while free member will be paid $0.50 for the referral bonus.

Your GGE account will always be active as long as you are an active member. You can watch your account grow. Your payout will be automatically deposit into your paypal account when it reach $100.

Feel free to contact GGE's support if you need their assistant. Their support is very active, and always reply fast.

Go to "How it Works" Menu inside Members Area for more details.

*GGE - Global Gold Exchange

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Make Money on Twitter with MyLikes

MyLikes is created by two ex-Google employees as an advertising alternative to Google’s AdSense  , but i don’t think this can be alternative of adsense .
Mylikes allow you to link your twitter , facebook and youtube account that means you can make money from all these social medias
Mylikes provide cpc ads , that means earnings depend on amount of click you are getting on “sponsored link”  .
Per tweet ads are also there but this is not great this time on mylikes , so it will be ok if you  not consider this feature  .
Payout is very low just 2$ like ptc sites  but  payments are  automatic, means any thing above 2$ will be credited to your PayPal account on Fridays.
Most advertisers want clicks from US , that means you will get paid only for clicks from US followers .
One time  Upto 10$  refferal bonus  with some conditions

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Money Bumper, More than PTC

This is More Than  PTC !!!
Earn 10cents / day  for Standard Members
Earn 20 cents / day for Pro Members
No need to View Ads Just Bump It~!
Earn commissions from downline upgrades
Earn 1cent per downline clicks/bump
$10 Lifetime upgrade  (optional)
 Join Here Now for Free!!!

Finally I got my own Money Bumper Payment proof =)

Every time you bump a site you get $.02, you can bump 5 sites a day if you are a Standard Bumper or 10 sites a day if you are a Pro Bumper. You also get $.01 every time one of your friends Bump a site and $3.00 every time your friends go Pro if you are a Pro Bumper. Here is an Example:

Money Bumper Payment Proofs:
Proof 1
Proof 2
Proof 3